CA Certification

The C.A. Certification Program

For the first time EVER, our CA Certification program is being offered as a package deal! You can purchase the entire training package at once, which includes all 12 Core Trainings and all 12 Seasonal Trainings plus homework. This way, you can pace your training in a way that works for your office. The real go-getters are able to work at an accelerated pace, while others may prefer to work at the usual pace of just a couple audios per month. Either way, you'll have all 24 trainings at your fingertips anytime you need them!

And we're not done yet! When you purchase the chiroAcademy CA Certification Package, we'll throw in Dr. Gandolfi's revolutionary hiring tool, "How to Hire an Extraordinary Staff Every Time." With this FREE program, normally a $267.00 value, you will learn:

  • The ads to attract the right person for the position

  • Dr. Gandolfi's unique employee application

  • The 6 step evaluation/hiring process

  • Dr. Gandolfi's interview process

  • How to match the right personality style to each position

An extraordinary staff can transform your practice. Learn the secrets to finding them with this bonus offer!

Get the complete CA Certification Package plus the free bonus, "How to Hire an Extraordinary Staff Every Time" for only $820.00 plus registration fee. Your package is available via email or we can mail it to your office for a $15.00 shipping & handling charge. There is a one-time registration fee of $25 per C.A.



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Of course you can still participate in our traditional CA Certification program for $76/month plus registration fee. With this option, we email you 2 audio trainings per month with a 12-month commitment. There is a one-time registration fee of $25 per C.A. Our staff will be calling you for credit card information for monthly billing, please have your information ready.

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12 Core Trainings for the Wellness Minded CA

  • Igniting your chiropractic passion & purpose

  • Building lifetime patient relationships

  • Chiropractic science for CAs

  • Mastering the art of front desk phone skills

  • The event driven practice

  • The CA referral program

  • Patient education - "Fluff vs. Stuff"

  • Staff meetings & huddles that work

  • Internal Practice events

  • The power of chiropractic

  • Creating an inspired practice

  • Becoming the chiropractic "Star"

12 Seasonal Trainings for the Wellness Chiropractic Office

  • January: Missed appointment procedures and "Jamaican Me Healthy Day"

  • February: The science of subluxation and "Orange day" Procedures

  • March: The subluxation workshop and "Chiro-Jeopardy" Procedure

  • April: CA - The engine of the practice and "Apply Day" Procedures

  • May: Fees and Collections and "Water Day"

  • June: Patient Compliance and "Chiropractic Pursuit" Day

  • July: Understanding & Applying behavioral styles and "Raisin Day"

  • August: Handling Objections and "Chiropractic History Day" Procedures

  • September: Chiropractic Time Management and "Pumpkin Day" Procedures

  • October: CA First Visit procedures and "Paint the Wall Chiropractic" Day

  • November: Reactivation procedures and "The 12 Days of Christmas" Procedures

  • December: CA Report-of-Findings procedures and "Grape Day" Procedures

BONUS: Staff Hiring Program FREE when you prepay for 12-month program (Regularly $267.00 value)


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