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Platinum Coaching Program



This is Dr. Gandolfi’s Immersion Coaching Experience. A unique method of coaching that completely immerses you in success over a 90 day period. The principle is simple. We identify the single most powerful thing you can implement that would have the most profound impact in your practice. Then we completely immerse ourselves in that project over the next 90 days. This is not for the faint of heart because it takes a serious commitment and a significant amount of investment in time.

Immersion Modules:
The chiroAcademy Challenge, grow your practice by 100 visits per week in 90 days.
The 200 PVA, explode your practice PVA in 90 days
The Patient Education System, creating lifetime patients
The Conversion Sequence, mastering converting 80-90% of new patients to a subluxation based care plan
Absolute Clinical Certainty in a Subluxation Based Model, a profound change in YOUR chiropractic consciousness
Internal Marketing Mastery, the art of the referral
External Marketing, attracting subluxation based patients in your community
The Staff Solution, create a team of “Rain Makers”
Chiropractic Business Architecture, strategies to leverage and scale your business

A Unique Highly Intensive coaching program for the doctor who is a go-getter and wants super fast results.
1. Twelve 30 minute calls over 90 Days
2. Unlimited e-mail, text hotline
3. $4000-6000 in custom chiroAcademy products
4. An intensive Training Program

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Diamond Coaching Program



A unique opportunity to create a multi-million dollar chiropractic business. This is for a select few doctors who want to create a $6 million dollar business.

Growth Curve:
• 2017: The $1 million practice
• 2018: The $2 million business
• 2019: The $4 million dollar business
• 2020: The $6 million dollar business

An elite practice experience for those who want more.

"I've found the most effective way to bring value to my clients is to become their partner (figuratively). Working directly with them and their vision as we open up the possibilities for growth, leverage and scaling their business to new levels they didn't see possible. Each milestone gives us the opportunity to transform mindsets, thereby shaping transformation and enabling meaningful, enduring impact."

"Regardless of your current volume, I am looking to develop elite chiropractic businesses who want to serve more, earn more and be more." Dr. Gandolfi


The Apprentice Format:

Here is what's included:

1. Unlimited access to Dr. Gandolfi, call, email or text any time.
2. One - Business Initiative session per month, doctor and staff
3. Four - one-on-one coaching calls with Dr. Gandolfi per month.
4. Membership to the million dollar club.
5. The chiroAcademy CA Training program.
6. Systems management.
7. Unlimited access to chiroAcademy training programs.
8. The million dollar marketing system
9. One - marketing brainstorming session per month
10. The Wellness Practice Patient Education System (60-200 PVA).
11. Unlimited access to chiroAcademy tele-courses for the year

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