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The 8-Step Marketing System


"The chiroAcademy 8 Step Marketing System"
The core foundation to building a repeatable marketing system
This course is designed to teach you how to "fish."  Most of the marketing tele-classes I have taught in the past have featured a specific marketing strategy like, Wellness Screenings or the Internal Referrals Program.  This course includes the specific step by step SYSTEM for marketing the chiropractic practice.

This course is essential for any long term marketing results. Plus, Dr. Gandolfi will be including a copy of his Marketing Workbook with this course.  The Marketing Workbook is a priceless tool that you will use for years to come.  Also included will be Dr. Gandolif's notes on how to Brand and Position the chiropractic practice in your community. Best of all, you will receive the Marketing System course, Marketing Workbook and the Branding notes.
You will learn the 8 steps to successful marketing: There is a science to chiropractic marketing and if you follow these steps you succeed every time.  Dr. Gandolfi will bring you step by step to the 8 step marketing system and how to use the Marketing Workbook so you can repeat this process for years to come.  This system works for any and all types of chiropractic practices.  If you follow the system you can create a practice as large as you want.  

This is a digital audio download and includes the marketing workbook and branding notes.

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How I Attracted 186 New Patients in 30 Days



A Proven, Turn-key System!

Do you have a system for your marketing?

Do you experience the new patient rollercoaster?

Are you having a difficult time attracting new patients?


Most offices market when the numbers are down. This is a huge mistake which puts your practice at risk for possible complete collapse. I have doctors calling me on a daily basis with their practice hanging by a thread. Please don’t put yourself in that position! This is an easy system to learn, an easy system to implement, and an easy system to get results. Master the entire marketing system—you really do owe it to yourself and your practice to have this information!

Here is what the 2 hour MP3 course includes:
  • The Amazing Wellness Marketing System, no hype, just facts
  • Dr. Gandolfi teaches his marketing system. How he pulled off this amazing feat and how you can do it too. 
  • How to create a repeatable marketing system
  • The Elite Eight marketing strategies, strategies that can each attract over 20 new patients every month
  • Create a marketing system based on YOUR purpose and vision
  • Attract the the kind of new patients that you want
  • How to determine exactly how many new patients you need each month to fill "your" practice needs
  • The mindset of someone who is a new patient magnet
  • Over 16 different  marketing strategies will be presented in all
  • Real life examples, the nuts and bolts
  • The 10 fatal marketing errors
  • and much more... 

This product is a digital download.

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Family Week


"Family Week"
Internal marketing program
Little to no cost - 20-40 new patients
The chiroAcademy Family Week is one of Dr.Gandolfi's key internal marketing events of the year.  Offices typically average 20-40 new patients from this event. Come join the tele-class as we teach you how to build a great subluxation based wellness practice with this unique event.  

familyOne of my absolute favorite marketing tools is the Family Week program!  The strategy is fun and is easy to do.  Dr. Gandolfi will teach specific strategies that will compel every practice to want to bring in their entire family! Your patients will love this event! This is perfect for the subluxation based doctor looking to attract wellness minded patients!
Are you looking for cost effective marketing strategies during this difficult economic times? You don't have to cut or stop marketing just because money is tight.   Many offices have discovered that by using cost effective internal marketing programs can attract more new patients then ever before.  You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to attract new patients.  All you need is a high energy event to communicate your message.  The next event of the year - Family Week! Make 2009 your best year ever.  Please join chiropractors from around the world on this unique course.

The Family Week tele-course will teach you the step-by-step process of how to do a great low cost, high energy new patient event.
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