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The 3 Secrets to Stress Management Health Class



The Community Talk/Lunch and Learn Program
"The Three Secrets to Stress Management"

This is the quickest, fastest and easiest way to grow a practice! Dr. Gandolfi's "Three Secrets to Stress Management" program is legendary. Dr. Gandolfi has helped over a 1,000 doctors grow their practice with this program. It's a great community talk marketing program that will educate your community about chiropracTIC! The audience will be inspired and motivated to be checked by a Wellness Chiropractor for the impact of physical, chemical and emotional stress on their nervous system. This is a true chiropractic talk for the subluxation-based chiropractor wanting to grow their practice in a wellness model. If you don't already have this program, you need to be on this course! If you have already experienced "The Three Secrets to Stress Management", you could benefit from a refresher course, and the new PowerPoint.

Doctors have attracted as many as 100 new wellness-minded patients from just one talk. In fact, the average doctor will schedule more new patients on the books than people in attendance!

This course includes:

  1. 2 hours of audio and the PowerPoint presentation.
  2. How to find and schedule talks in the community (worth the cost of the program by itself)
  3. Slide-by-Slide presentation of the "Three Secrets to Stress Management" 
  4. The new PowerPoint presentation
  5. Dr. Gandolfi's secrets to close the talk and schedule new patients
  6. How to avoid the most common mistakes made by most doctors
  7. How to create urgency for asymptomatic people to act now

This is a digital download.

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Ear Infections Health Class


chiroAcademy Pediatric Series
Ear Infections Health Class
The Wellness Approach to childhood ear infections 

Two hour Tele-Course featuring Dr. Gandofi's "Understanding Ear Infections" pediatric talk and PowerPoint.

Another powerful in-office talk from Dr. Gandolfi and the chiroAcademy.  Ear infections are the number one reason for visits to the ER and to the pediatrician.  In fact, ear infections are often the reason for the very first visit to their pediatrician.  By the age of 5 nearly every child will have experienced an ear infection, (except for chiropractic children).  It is so epidemic, ear infections are now being considered a "rite of passage" for children.
Chiropractic doesn't just offer a solution for ear infections, we offer the very best solution for childhood ear infections.
Learn the science and research to put you in the forefront of caring for children in a wellness model.  Build a large family practice and help thousands of children at the same time.  It's easy when you have the right tools.  
This audio-course will provide you with the clinical data, treatment plans, communication for parents and the lecture to take your practice and community by storm.  Nearly 100% of the families in your community will be dealing with frustration and discomfort of chronic ear infections.  Give them a compelling reason to begin chiropractic care.  You have the solution for the number one reason why a child sees a doctor.  You just need to tell them!!!
This audio-course includes: 
1. 2 hour audio training
2. In-Office PowerPoint program (59 slides)
Come join chiropractors from around the world on this unique opportunity to grow your pediatric practice!
Here is what the tele-course includes:
  • How to get parents to attend
  • Slide-by-Slide presentation of the Understanding Ear Infections Talk
  • A PowerPoint for use in the office    
  • Clinical Guidelines for care 
  • Compelling pediatric science and research
  • How to create urgency for parents to act now
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Nutrition Health Class


This course will teach you the secrets behind growing a huge nutrition practice.  It's easy and every doctor can do it.  The intent behind this particular nutrition talk is to amass a huge amount of compelling information regarding the need to supplement.  Even if your nutrition knowledge is very basic, this class will make you an expert.  If you don't sell supplements now you can start with just a few of the very basics, a multivitamin, Omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and enzymes.  You will find yourself selling thousands of dollars worth of supplements every month without much effort.  The typical office will sell between $500-$2000 of supplements the night of your first talk.
cln kiwi
You will fall in love with this talk.  Practices are teaching this class over and over again as they build their nutrition practice. 
Why Nutrition? Nearly 100% of your patients are nutritionally deficient. I would contend 100% but maybe you have one person doing a great job. Subluxations are caused by physical, chemical and emotional stress.  The lack of proper nutrition creates chronic subluxations states.  Good nutrition has to be part of a healthy care plan.   
If you are already practicing an advanced level of nutrition, great, this class can help you get even the most difficult patients convinced to begin a supplementation program.
Your patients will beg you to buy your supplements.
This course includes:  
MP3 and In-Office PowerPoint program (43 slides)
How to get patients to attend and bring guests 
Slide-by-Slide presentation of the Nutrition Talk
A PowerPoint for use in the office
Marketing flyer for your talk
Marketing Handout to use in office
How to close patients and inspire them to purchase that night 
Compelling nutrition science
How to create urgency for patients to act now

This is a digital download.

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Internal Referral Prospecting System



"You're about to discover what 99.999% of chiropractors, CAs and even so called coaches don't know and will never know about attracting internal referrals.  The Internal Referral System will detail the 10 proven steps to guaranteed referrals."

If you are like most chiropractors, you are sick and tired of not attracting enough referrals, but if there really was a way to attract an extra 20-40 new patients per month you'd want to know about it.  Then I GUARANTEE these will be the most important words you will ever read.
THE AMAZING INTERNAL REFERRAL SYSTEM will teach you exactly how to how inspire and attract the "right kind" of new patients for the right reasons! 
You can expect between 5-10 additional new patients/ week when you fully implement this system. Some offices have attracted as many as 40 extra new patients/month by following the step by step system. This is the cornerstone of great wellness practices. It's fun, easy to impletment, and rewarding!
This program features the "nuts and bolts" of the daily referral program.  Internal prospecting is one of my all time favorite marketing strategies.  This is a staff driven tool that attracts ideal new patients in a predictable manner.  You can expect to increase your referral numbers by 20-40 new patients per month without spending a dime. Best of all - it is repeatable process month after month after month....
If this sounds like it may be too good to be true, read on, because I have, in fact, taught hundreds of practices from every corner of the world to succeed with this effective tool.
Will teach you:  
1)  The secrets of a great referral practice.
2)  How to ask your patients for referrals so they feel greatful for your caring and healing nature toward their family and friends.
3)  How to build a referring staff 
4)  The formula for creating a repeatable referral system
5)  What works in attracting Wellness-Centered referrals in lieu of 
   Musculoskeletal-Centered referrals
6)  Tracking and nurturing of prospective referrals
7)  The 3 cardinal signs of potential referrals
8)  How to get a patient to commit to care without feeling like you are "selling"
9)  Your patients will refer to your wellness practice FOREVER!
The Internal Referral System - Includes a 26 page manual that is a transcript of Dr. Gandolfi's 2 hour lecture plus examples of handouts to use in the office.  Everything you need to implement the program.

This product is a digital download.

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Performance Chiropractic Health Class



A Proven Formula to Optimal Levels of Performance

If you are like most doctors, you are looking to grow your practice with quality new patients. A great strategy is though performance. You don't have to comprise your principles to attract new patients. This talk can be used for two groups of people: the athletes or people of any career looking to improve their performance.

This is a great talk both in-office and in the community. This talk is very effect for athletes and parents of athletes. We have found it to be a very useful tool to introduce your office to athletic teams, health clubs and sports programs. We will show them why the greatest athletes on the planet are using chiropractors and why they need to also.

If you choose to go the sports niche, you can also show trainers and team physicians that you can add to the medical team supporting the athletes in a way they can't. This is a non-duplicating service to what they are providing. I was a presenter this year at the NFL Chiropractor's Convention in Indianapolis. I presented Wellness Chiropractic and improving performance through subluxation based chiropractic. There are chiropractors caring for the players of all 32 NFL teams. The best niche to enter this field is through performance enhancement not treatment of sports injuries.

This talk can also be adapted to help every man, woman and child realize that chiropractic can improve their performance, physically, mentally, physiologically and spiritually. Improved performance is not just for athletes. This makes a great lay lecture and a great niche program.

Learn the science and research to put you in the forefront of caring for athletes of all abilities or individuals just wanting to perform better in life.

This course will provide you with the clinical data, science and communication for athletes, parents and individuals looking to improve their performance. Become a celebrity and an expert in your community by consistently bringing high level programs and information to people. Give your community a compelling reason to begin chiropractic care. You have the solution to improve everyone's performance. You just need to tell them!!!

This course includes:

  1. 1 hour audio course
  2. PowerPoint presentation (50 slides)
  3. How to get into health clubs and fitness centers
  4. Slide-by-Slide presentation of the Performance Chiropractic Talk
  5. The Optimizing Performance PowerPoint 
  6. How to approach athletic teams
  7. Compelling science and research for athletic performance
  8. In office education 

This is a digital download.

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The Senior Presentation Health Class



The Super Seniors Presentation

The baby boomers are now 50 and up. Seniors are the fastest growing niche market and significant opportunities are available for the subluxation based chiropractic.

There is a virtual tidal wave of seniors coming. There will be 77 million baby boomers come of age next year! For example; the growth rate for the population of the state of New York will be 3% for those under 60, as compared to 40% for those over 60! There is currently 75,000 Americans over the age 100 and by the time Dr. Gandolfi turns 100 there will be an estimated 600,000 Americans over 100! Is your practice positioned for the coming wave of seniors?

Companies are already benefiting by tapping into this market. Inc. Magazine Names Senior Whole Health the Number One Fastest-Growing Private Company in US. Add the senior niche to your practice with this program!

An effective internal presentation. This program gives you an excellent strategy to tap into the 50 and over market. You will fall in love with this talk and so will your patients of all ages.

Increase your retention. Your patients will understand why they need lifetime chiropractic as part of their healthy lifestyle.

Increase your referrals. Your patients will be inspired and compelled to refer their aging friends and family members after attending this talk.

This is also a highly sought after external talk! Community centers, senior centers, groups and organizations for the seniors all are very, very interested in having this talk presented. You will find them contacting you and asking if you could do the presentation for their group once the word gets out. The content has a very high level of interest in the community.

This course includes:

2 hour audio course
In-Office PowerPoint program (58 slides)
How to get patients to attend and bring guests
Slide-by-Slide presentation of the Senior presentation
A PowerPoint for use in the office
How to close patients and inspire them to schedule that night
Compelling chiropractic senior science
How to create urgency for patients to act now
This is a digital download.

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