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The Complete Wellness System



The complete Wellness Practice System is created exclusively for the Subluxation Based chiropractor wanting to create a congruent Wellness Practice. The Wellness Practice System is the most comprehensive system ever created to train the Wellness Chiropractor in all aspects of practice development.

This comprehensive program includes: 15 separate training modules recorded on 34 audios, 2 PowerPoints, Patient Education Handouts and a Wellness Screening Manual. The System includes procedural training on First Visit and Report of Findings for the Wellness Chiropractic Practice. Patient Education systems to shift the consciousness of the patient to a lifetime wellness model. Wellness marketing programs both Internal and external to attract individuals who are looking to improve their overall health and well-being in a wellness model. The Science, Philosophy and Communication for a Wellness Chiropractic practice.

The Wellness Practice System includes:

  • 48 total hours of training for the subluxation based practice on MP3 Audio
  • 2 Lay Lecture PowerPoints
  • Patient Education Handouts
  • Wellness Screening Manual
  • Internal Referral Manual
  • First Visit Manual
  • ROF Manual
  • Regular Office Visit manual

How to Convert a Musculoskeletal Practice to a Wellness Practice
Mastering the 1st Visit in a Wellness Model (procedural)
The Million Dollar Report of Findings (procedural)
The Amazing Chiropractic Office Visit (procedural)
The Wellness Re-Exam/Re-Report (procedural)
The Amazing Wellness Shift (patient education)
Beyond the 12 Visit Shift (patient education)
Dr. Gandolfi's NEW Subluxation Workshop - Health Care Class includes PowerPoint (patient education/marketing)
The Standing Room Only, Secrets to the Million ollar Health Care Class
Community Talks - The Three Secrets to Stress Management (patient education/marketing)

Wellness Screenings (marketing)
Internal Referral Prospecting System (marketing)
How to host a COW - Chiropractic Opportunity Week (marketing)
The Clinical Application of Wellness Chiropractic (science, philosophy and communication of Wellness Chiropractic)
Patient "Edutainment" programs (patient education/marketing)
Breaking your Chiropractic Capacity Barriers audio course

This product is a digital download.

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