The Clinical Application of Wellness Chiropractic


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"The Clinical Application of Wellness Chiropractic"

 4 Hour Audio-Training

This course is a game changer.  It is responsible for shaping the consciousness of chiropractors, chiropractic leaders, chiropractic coaches and the wellness chiropractic movement.
This course includes substantial new content as compared to the Clinical Application of Wellness Chiropractic that was taught years ago.
  • The science of subluxation like you've never seen it
  • The neurology of how emotional stress causes subluxation 
  • The mechanism of how chemical stress causes subluxations
  • The habituated neurologic model
  • The neurologically induced subluxation
  • The physically induced subluxation
  • The certainty and science of subluxation
  • Emotional signatures and specific subluxation patterns
  • How to create a care plan based on clinical findings
  • Exactly how frequently and how long to treat a patient
  • How to manage a care plan based on clinical findings
  • How to integrate lifestyle into a care plan (nutrition, exercise and stress management)

Course Curriculum:

Subluxation Based Consciousness:

Your belief systems create your actions and your actions create your reality. In other words, your current practice IS your chiropractic consciousness. The quickest path to change your practice is to change your chiropractic consciousness. This training challenges your existing chiropractic paradigm and will shift the way you perceive and practice chiropractic and the application of chiropractic. You will appreciate a new level of understanding of the philosophy of chiropractic and how to apply your chiropractic philosophy on a practical basis


The Science of Wellness Chiropractic:

Once your chiropractic consciousness is aligned with your purpose, we will ignite your passion and drive your practice forward with new levels of certainty. You will be introduced to a new model of subluxation and the science that supports it. "We've cracked the Subluxation Code!" Your idea of subluxation will never be the same again and as a consequence your role and value as a chiropractor will be greatly expanded. We will explore the latest science in Wellness Chiropractic and how to apply it clinically into your practice.

Clinical Protocols:

Have you ever felt lost when determining how often and how long you should see a patient?  Do you decrease patient visit frequency when you see some improvement in symptoms or do you base the frequency on sound clinical findings?  We will explore exactly how frequent and long a care plan should be.  We will define clinical outcomes for each phase of care and discuss case management in a wellness model.

The Application and Communication of Wellness Chiropractic:

What value is your chiropractic story if you can't apply it or communicate it? We will explore tried-and-true methods of communication that will guarantee your success in shifting the consciousness of your patients from a disease model to a chiropractic wellness model. We have always said, "If they only knew what we knew, they would do what we do." They will!

The Results!

Practice transformation at every level. Are you up to the challenge? We are! Our goal is for you to develop a new chiropractic consciousness, supported by sound science with the ability to implement it and communicate it in a clinical setting. Welcome to a new reality of chiropractic practice, a practice reality that is congruent, a wellness reality that society is begging for and a patient reality that produces chiropractic miracles.

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